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4. & 5. november 2022

Chef Omar Gallego,

Born in Sydney , raised in Valladolid .
My love and passion for food and service was developed in a land were wine and food are as important as oxygen.
My carrer as cook started in Villaparamesa with Jose Castrodeza “Chato” , my mentor and the greatest chef of Ribera del Duero.
In 2006 I moved to Barcelona and worked for AC Hotels and Renaissance Hotels , where i actually work as Executive chef since 2014.
Respect for the ingredient and build a strong team around common purposes are sentences written in the walls of our kitchen, where we cook mediterranean recipes with international twists that we have learn sharing our culinary knowledge.

Welcome to Spain  




crunchy bites

( Pari puri stuffed with both preparations)

Iberian ham and tomato tartar


Octopus and beetroot  “ Ensaladilla” 


Castilla Potion

Garlic and paprika soup, Boletus Edulis, free range egg   

Arroz al horno

Shrimps and ali-oli


Montseny & Mediterrani -

Beef meatballs with Cuttlefish and black truffle museline

Crema catalana

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